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A pilot project in Kenya using inexpensive homeopathic remedies has shown great promise in the treatment of AIDS . “More than 90 per cent of the patients showed significant improvement in their health. “

The study was funded by the AIDS Remedy Fund . The specially prepared homeopathic remedy used in the study could revolutionize the treatment of AIDS. It inexpensively offers the millions of people suffering from AIDS who cannot afford the expensive pharmaceutical drugs dramatic relief.

In the study, no one was taken off their anti-viral conventional medications but some participants who could not afford conventional medications were also included in the study. Those individuals did incredibly well using the homeopathic remedy alone.

The team of homeopathic Medical Doctors were led by dutch homeopath Jan Scholten MD. The homeopaths donated their time and energy to this pilot project. A foundation has been started ”with the purpose of promoting complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in the treatment of AIDS. The founders are convinced that alternative medicine has a lot to offer in the treatment of HIV infection and AIDS.”

The report giving the preliminary results showed dramatic improvement in those taking this homeopathic remedy. Here is part of a summary from the report:

Within two weeks, an improvement in appetite and an increase in energy and weight could be observed. In addition, in more than 90 percent of the patients recovery from opportunistic infections, such as the disappearance of diarrhoea, respiratory infections and skin problems was seen.  This applied to both patients treated with conventional drugs and the group not receiving any ARV treatment. The CD4 tests, which had initial values under 200, showed significant improvement. The levels increased by an average of 123 points (a CD4 value of 200 or less is a critical lower limit for which anti-viral therapy is deemed necessary).
An improvement in quality of life could be observed in the whole research group. Restoration of independent functioning became possible for practically the whole population after treatment with Iquilai, [the homeopathic remedy].
More Results:
The results of this pilot study in the treatment of HIV/AIDS are as follows:
• More than 90% of the patients had a positive response to the remedy,  defined as an increase of 10 points or more on the Karnofsky score. 68% had an increase of 20 points or more.
• There was a strong improvement in their health status. Opportunistic infections healed without further intervention.
•  65% of the patients were requiring assistance (Karnofsky  score < = 60) and changed their status to being able to perform their normal duties again.(Karnofsky>80)
• The CD4 cell values of the tested group showed significant  increases.(average of 123 points).
•  Side effects from regular ART were reduced.


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