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1. The encyclopedia of pure materia medica by timothy f. Allen, a.m., m.d.

2. Keynotes and characteristics with comparisons of some of the leading remedies of the materia medica henry c. Allen, m. D.

3. First lessons in the symptomatology of leading hom�opathic remedies by h. R. Arndt, m. D.

4.bonninghausen's characteristics materia medica & repertory. By c. M. Boger, m.d.

5. How to use the repertory with a practical analysis of forty homeopathic remedies by glen irving bidwell, m.d.

6. B�nninghausen's characteristics materia medica by c. M. Boger, m.d.

7. Hom�opathic materia medica by william boericke, m.d

8. Repertory by oscar e. Boericke, m.d

9. Studies in the philosophy of healing and others writing including the study of materia medica and taking the case
c. M. Boger

10. A synoptic key of the materia medica by cyrus maxwell boger

11. A dictionary of practical materia medica by john henry clarke, m.d.

12. The genius of homeopathy lectures and essays on homeopathic philosophy by dr stuart m. Close

13. Practice of homoeopathy by paul f. Curie, m. D.

14. Decachords by a. Gladstone clarke.

15. A dictionary of practical materia medica by john henry clarke, m.d.

16. Key-notes to the materia medica by henry n. Guernsey, m.d

17. Chronic diseases - samuel hahnemann

18. Organon of medicine by hahnemann samuel

19. Seven-hundred red line symptoms from cowperthwaite's materia medica rewritten by j. W. Hutchison, m. D.

20. The mnemonic similiad by stacy jones

21. Kent's aphorisms and precepts from extemporaneous lectures

22. Clinical cases by pr james tyler kent

23. Lectures on homoeopathic philosophy by james tyler kent, a.m., m.d.

24. Lectures on hom�opathic materia medica by james tyler kent, a.m., m.d.

25. What the doctor needs to know in order to make a successful prescription by dr james tyler kent

26. Kent's new remedies

27. Kent's repertory

28. Lesser writings by dr j. T. Kent

29. Keynotes of the homoeopathic materia medica by dr. Adolph von lippe

30. Regional leaders by e. B. Nash, m. D.

31. Leaders in homoeopathic therapeutics by e. B. Nash

32. The principles and art of cure by hom�opathy by herbert a. Roberts, m.d.

33. Compendium mental diseases and their modern treatment by professor selden haines talcott (a.m., m.d., ph.d)

34. The prescriber by john henry clarke

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 encyclopedia of homeopathy-- download

homeopathy remedy pictures:study with cartoon--- download

natures 12 magis healers ---- download

The Chronic Diseases: Their Peculiar Nature And Their Homeopathic Cure
Author: Samuel Hahnemann----download

Homoeopathic Treatment of Influenzas
Douglas M. Borland--- download